Cyberbit will serve as cyber range technology partner for the Massachusetts nonprofit

For immediate release: April 27, 2023

BOSTON — Today CyberTrust Massachusetts announced that it has selected Boston-headquartered Cyberbit as its cyber range technology partner. CyberTrust Massachusetts addresses the cybersecurity skills gap by helping higher ed institutions statewide become pipelines of elite cyber talent. The Cyberbit platform enables the CyberTrust mission by offering a wide range of learning experiences ranging from foundational hands-on labs to hyper-realistic, “live fire” cyber-attack scenarios.

CyberTrust Massachusetts CEO Pete Sherlock said, “Cyberbit is the most advanced platform of its kind, with an extensive library of instructional packages and live-fire experiences that give students at our member colleges experience with the most sophisticated cyber threats, tools and practices, bridging the hands-on experience gap between the classroom and cyber jobs. We also look forward to making the Cyberbit platform available to our corporate members as well as local government, K-12 and others across the state.”

The CyberTrust mission aligns with a growing trend in which higher education institutions are joining forces with industry to address the skills gap. The Cyberbit state-of-the-art cyber range places students in a virtual security operations center (SOC) that delivers hyper-realistic cyber-attack simulations. The virtual SOC includes enterprise grade networks, commercial security tools, and reverse-engineered cyber-attacks, like the attacks that cyber defense teams face in the real world. The platform offers a range of training scenarios, including network security, incident response, and forensics.

“Cyberbit’s cyber range provides a comprehensive and immersive cybersecurity training experience that prepares students for a range of cybersecurity roles,” said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit. “The virtual SOC is just one of the many features of the Cyberbit platform that helps students develop their skills and knowledge in this critical field and we are proud to have been chosen by CyberTrust as its cyber range technology partner.”


CyberTrust Massachusetts is a new nonprofit committed to growing and diversifying the cyber workforce, creating opportunities, and securing local entities. Leveraging state and federal startup funding, CyberTrust enhances cyber education programs with hands-on experiential learning — using a state-of-the-art Cyber Range and placing students in a live SOC that also serves local governments, nonprofits and small businesses. Leveraging a world-class cybersecurity ecosystem, the CyberTrust consortium is a unique collaboration across government, business and academic entities, seeking to address the divide as cybersecurity sector as a vital part of the regional economy.