CyberTrust Massachusetts is a non-profit committed to building opportunity and security through a consortium of statewide businesses and colleges.

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How to thwart hackers

“Perhaps the most promising initiative comes from CyberTrust Massachusetts, a nonprofit formed last year with state money that is focused on training a pipeline of cybersecurity professionals at public colleges while providing services to municipalities.”
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Women in Tech @ Tufts

CyberTrust Massachusetts Director of Cyber Range Programs, Meghan Martinez, is among the speakers.
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Why CyberTrust Massachusetts

The Massachusetts cyber sector is large and growing but the talent pipeline of skilled, experienced, and diverse candidates can’t keep pace. At the same time, many local governments, non-profits, and small businesses are underresourced against growing cyber threats.

CyberTrust Massachusetts addresses these challenges by enabling the regional cyber ecosystem as a trusted partner to industry, academia, and government.

Creating Opportunities

Offering students and workers at all career stages, from all backgrounds statewide, access to advanced cyber education and training programs linked to cyber employers.

Growing the Workforce

Increasing the pipeline of skilled, experienced, inclusive, and diverse cyber candidates via hands-on, experiential learning environments.

Strengthening Security

Providing local governments, non-profits, and small businesses with affordable cybersecurity services to manage their defenses and combat growing cyber threats.

The CyberTrust Consortium

CyberTrust is transforming cyber education and training statewide, by introducing hands-on, experiential learning environments—including a network of live, regional security operations centers (SOCs) and access to cyber range technology for all college programs.

Leveraging a world-class cybersecurity ecosystem, the CyberTrust consortium is a unique collaboration across government, business, and academia with a focus on securing the future of Massachusetts.

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If you are interested in becoming a member of CyberTrust and supporting the collective goal of securing the future of Massachusetts, please reach out to us here.

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